Hi nerds it’s giveaway time, round two, are u readyyyy


Likes and reblogs count. You can only like once, and reblogs are limited to 1 per day. Please don’t drive your followers crazy!!!

You must be following me! If you follow me just for the giveaway and then unfollow after, I will cry a lot. 

No giveaway blogs - and I will check!

Please have your ask box open or else I have no way to tell you that you’ve won. The winner has 48 hours to respond to me and then the prize will be given to someone else.

I will ship anywhere in the world and I hope this is obvious but you have to be comfortable giving a total stranger (me, hi :) your address and real name. 


Any 5 Super Junior albums (including subunits and solo albums) no posters or anything because let’s face it, it costs a ton to ship a poster and I’m not rich. You get to choose whatever albums you want, the only rule is that they have to be available from YesAsia’s North America site - but their selection is good so there shouldn’t be any trouble making choices!

There will be one winner!

The giveaway ends on November 1, 2014 at midnight. Good luck babies.

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❞ Cheon Yoon jae | The younger brother ❀✦✦✦

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Robert Pattinson | 2012 People’s Choice Awards

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the process and the outcome

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SS5 Osaka BTS~~ camwhore moments (~‾⌣‾)~

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The first time Cheolsoo spoke was also the time Soonyi had to let him go. For his sake.

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We are here for you, soldier.

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